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More than a Century of
Music City Tradition
Nashville's influence on roasted coffee has been, and continues to be, felt the world over.  Coffee quite literally helped build the town people know and love today as Music City U.S.A.
The early days of coffee in Nashville produced two iconic brands.  One can be found on store shelves everywhere (you’d know the brand even if you’ve never heard of the Maxwell House hotel), while American Ace Coffee remains our hometown's heritage coffee brand.
An early sponsor of the Grand Ole Opry, American Ace Coffee helped bring the voices of many country legends over the WSM airwaves and into countless homes throughout the South and Midwest.  As Minnie Pearl used to shout to her husband on stage at the Ryman Auditorium,
“Elmer, don’t forget your 
  American Ace Coffee!
Long known for its rich, smooth and never bitter taste, American Ace Coffee is a premium blend of 100% Arabica beans and freshly roasted in small batches.

American Ace has grown since its 1919 establishment to honor our country’s First World War aviators.  Today, we’re focused on employing veterans and supporting charities that help veterans.
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